Covid-19 has taken an unprecedented toll on the world and is changing the way we access and interact with those around us.
Feedy Needy steps in to change lives in these difficult times by distributing Wheelchairs,Walkers and other forms of assistance that will help people in these difficult times, each week we help physically challenged individuals regain some normality and live a more fulfilled and capable life
For a Handicapped person a wheelchair is not only means for mobility but it is their world itself.
Our team at Feedy Needy wish to enhance a sense of pride and self-reliance,as these individuals work,pray and go about their daily lives.
Some physically disabled people have the inability to financially support themselves or their families and they have a lack of access to social services like healthcare and education.
Please assist Feedy Needy in our venture to help as many people as possible.
Please call our offices 031 824 6501/061 497 8240 for further information.
Please note that distributions will take place throughout the year and will be glad to assist anybody that requires the aid of a Wheelchair or Walker.
Also take note it is with of utmost respect that we do not expose or disclose our recipients and their identities.
Recipients have been screened and Covid -19 rules are adhered to.