Feedy Needy Feeds Residents Weekly

Feedy Needy Feeds Residents Weekly


Feedy Needy a non – profit organization distributed Haleem with naan and biriyani for the  first Sunday 18th April 2021 in the month of Ramadaan at 1 Abervale Road in  Phoenix.

People from far and near flocked in their numbers as they were relieved with the kind gesture, hundreds of members received biryani, naan and Haleem.

In the month of Ramadaan , Feedy Needy will be providing providing meals to the poorest of the poor.

A heartfelt thanks to all sponsors that have generously participated in making the month of Ramadaan a time of giving and sharing and bringing bright smiles throughout the community.


Thank you to all kind sponsors, staff  who tirelessly around the clock as well and volunteers for generous assistance ensuring the feeding was a huge success.


Please note we will be providing grocery hampers to senior residents in various areas throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal, and we sincerely hope the kind public will assist in this project , as we will be abel to reach out to more families with your help.

Should any member of the community wish to be involved in any of the Feedy Needy programs please contact the offices on 031 824 6501/061 497 8240- email us admin@feedyneedy.com/reena@feedyneedy.com


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Account Number: 081 358 245

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