Wheelchair Distribution

Feedy Needy recently assisted recipients with wheelchairs, the aid of this wheelchair has made life easier for these deserving individuals. Feedy Needy feels it’s our duty to ensure we make the society comfortable as possible in every way, however we can. Bread , groceries, diapers, lunch meals to schools as well as wheelchairs and walkers are what  we are have identified as urgent necessity in the community, there are thousands of request from the young and old in our society.

Life is difficult for lots of us, sadly this is the reality, we pray, we can be the source that helps eradicate poverty. Please help us, to help them. Breadwinners have lost employment, the senior citizens cannot maintain their lifestyle, as their social pension fund only merely covers utility bills, they still need food and medication, schools are now bearing the consequences after the country’s economic structures have been affected, which evidently effects the children that rely on the lunch meals. It is so important for our children to be well nutritioned to progress in school, as some leave home hungry and without lunch, it breaks our hearts that there are people out there that are going to bed hungry.

Your contribution will indeed make a difference in many lives. Our Successes have been possible because of your past contributions. Anything you have to sponsor can be dropped off at 1 Abervale Rd, Starwood , Phoenix Rydalvale Phoenix  between 8 am to 4pm. Or contact me to arrange to pick up.

Also a direct deposit can be done to the following account: Feedy Needy,Standard Bank Account No: 081358245 Branch Code: 057829 Branch: Umhlanga

Contact number: 031 824 6501 for further information email admin@feedyneedy.com/reena@feedyneedy.com