Feedy Needy Brings Bright Smiles Once Again.

Feedy Needy Brings Bright Smiles Once Again.

Feedy Needy a non – profit organization reaches out to the young and old by distributing Haleem with naan and chicken biriyani on Sunday at 2nd May  11:00 am and will be distributing on the 9th May 2021 at 1 Abervale Road,Phoenix. On this day grocery hampers will be distributed to Muslim families that are facing difficulties.

During the month of Ramadaan ,  Feedy Needy will also be providing meals  to the poorest of the poor. The organization will be reaching out to those that are disadvantaged, and will be providing hot nutritious meals that will sustain these families as they go into the winter chills.

Feedy Needy will be celebrating this Mother’s Day by distributing freshly cooked meals to the beautiful women among us.

We extend our gratitude to all kind sponsors, volunteers and staff that have worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure that these mass distributions reach out to the most vulnerable in the community.

Should any member of the community wish to be involved in any of the Feedy Needy Relief programmes please contact the offices on 031 824 6501/ 061 497 8240 email us admin@feedyneedy.com